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Double Winder Staircases

Our Workshop Facilities

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We use the latest in CNC technology and have one of the most advanced staircase production facilities in the country.
Winder Staircases

Winder Staircases

Stairplan has always been known for producing quality staircases the Tradestairs.com website enables you to order quality staircases online at price levels usually only seen by large volume buyers.

The Staircase shown is a double winder staircase in the following specification.

Strings - 32mm Engineered Pine
Treads - 22mm Engineered Pine
Risers - Pine Faced Plywood
Handrail - Pine SHR Profile
Newel Posts - Pine 90mm Turned
Newel Cap - Pine Ball

The Bottom step is a Curtail entry Step

The Spindles are not in place in this picture.