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Links of Interest

Please click on some links you may find of interest.



Stairplan.co.uk - Staircase Plans - this is currently our most upto date website with a large number of staircase layout plans to help you in ordering your new staircase.


Staircases.biz - More Stairs - - Here you will find more ideas for the more contemporary styles of staircases we offer like our New European style, the Priya Staircase and The Townsend Staircase.


Staircases.org - Again packed with information on the staircases we offer, this website has a large number of plans for Double winder staircases.

Axxys Stairparts

Axxys Stair parts on our Turnings.co.uk Website

Our Workshop Facilities

Take a look at our Stair Workshop

We use the latest in CNC technology and have one of the most advanced staircase production facilities in the country.

Internal Links