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GoStairs.com - Stairplan Ltd

Stairplan Ltd are a family owned company specialising in manufacturing staircases.

We have allways specialised in offering wooden staircases at a unsurpassed quality compared to our competition, From 1978 to 2001 our work was focused with in the Midlands region but we now offer nationwide deliveries and produce around 100 staircases a week.

In order to maintain our leading quality all staircases are assembled in our workshop before being taken down into sections which are a suitable size for shipping and getting through a typical doorway.

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This photo shows you inside our workshop following the installation of our First CNC machine in 2001, We now have 8 CNC Routers producing staircases. We use 5 Axis CNC's which enables us to produce our staircases to the highest standards within the UK market.
Staircase Assembly Workshop

Staircase Assembly Workshop

Along side our machine workshop we have an assembly workshop where the stairs go together.
Many stair manufacturers claim to fully assemble there staircases but you will find that many of them fail to carry out this process in reality.

Having the staircase pre-assembled in the factory makes the installation of the staircase far quicker and enables us to check the quality through the production process.


At Stairplan we deliver 99% of our staircases on our own transport, this gives us total control and again halps us control the quality of the product when it arrives with you.